About Bar Fun

We are proud of our work here at Bar Fun. We work every day to bring you the best deals from all the reputable stores on the web. Our aim is to save you time and effort, and give you more time to spend tending your bar and enjoying the incredible atmosphere in your bar. We hope you will find everything you need right here on our product pages, and that you will be satisfied with your eventual purchase. We have a simple to navigate site here for you. On the left of every page is a list of the categories of products we list. Click on a category, and you will be taken to a page full of products from that category. A new list of sub-categories will also open up on the left, to help you to narrow down the field of items you have to browse. If you know what item you are looking for, or you don’t see it in the categories, you can enter a simple description in the search box and produce a page of items that match your search.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, we would be very grateful if you would let us know, so that we can try to remedy the situation before your next visit. You can send us a message any time of day or night, from the contact page. In fact, we would love to hear from you. We would also like to hear about your experiences on your visit here. We cannot, however, answer questions concerning products or purchases, as they must be dealt with by the store concerned. The customer service team at the online suppliers you deal with would be delighted to help you with any queries and the contact details are available on their site.

Shopping here on Bar Fun will not cost any more than if you spend your time searching countless sites for a good deal, and go to them direct. Bar Fun presents similar products from the best of those sites in an easy to compare format so that you can choose which product to buy, and which store to buy it from. Each item is listed with a price, a short text description and a colour image to help you to decide. We present a more detailed description on the product details page, and further information still is available on the website of the stores selling the items. Shopping with Bar Fun could save you a lot more than a few pennies, and give you a far more enjoyable experience in your bar.